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"Consent. Just Consent. Then you can come to work"

THIRST and Women Working Worldwide, alongside tea sustainability expert Michael Pennant-Jones, have pinpointed how GBVH enablers manifest specifically within the tea sector in this groundbreaking report.

Women Working Worldwide
'continues to punch above its weight'

Oxfam Novib

Women Working Worldwide’s vision is of a world where equality is a reality.


Our core mission is to work in partnership with grassroots organisations around the world, to assist and empower women workers in global supply chains to claim their rights and gain decent wages for their work. 


We work with companies to advocate on behalf of women workers, and we advise companies on how to best to meet their commitments to gender equality and women’s rights across their supply chains.



We are still working from home, for any enquiries or for further information on our work, please email or fill out the following form:

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Women Working Worldwide

535 Royal Exchange,

Old Bank Street, Manchester,

M2 7EN

United Kingdom

Tel: 07947808710

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