Who we are

Women Working Worldwide’s core mission is to work in partnership with grassroots organisations around the world, to assist and empower women workers in international supply chains to claim their rights and gain decent wages for their work. 

We work with UK companies to advocate on behalf of women workers, and we advise companies and international trade unions on how to best to meet their commitments to gender equality and women’s rights across their supply chains.

Women workers in global supply chains often lack power and voice, and have the most precarious and low paid jobs, yet they are essential in achieving the production and quality targets of suppliers to major retailers in the UK and Europe. We also recognise that work in global supply chains such as garments, horticulture and flowers offer vital opportunities for women to earn a living, provide for their families and improve their social and economic standing. 

We are a Manchester-based organisation, established as a company limited by guarantee in 1987, and becoming a charity in 2007.


We are a founder member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), and continue to participate in ETI’s work.

You can download a leaflet about Women Working Worldwide here.