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Our achievements

Women Working Worldwide "continues to punch above its weight through tactically working with other NGOs and collaborative project working with partners."

Overall, Women Working Worldwide's work proved that "a woman-led project and advocacy focus produces lasting results that benefit women workers and tackle their particular problems."

Oxfam Novib, 2012

In the last five years, we have reached more than 80,000 workers in the value chains of flowers and garments, and built the capacity of more than 2,500 trainers across Africa and Asia to address the following issues:

  • COVID-19 and gender

  • Gender Based Violence

  • Tackling sexual harassment in the workplace

  • (Gendered) Occupational Health and Safety

  • Labour legislation in partner countries

  • Living wages

  • Women’s rights as human rights

  • Negotiation training

  • Campaigning communications​

Our programmes and advocacy activities in supplier countries have delivered a wide range of tangible improvements for women workers, including:


  • Increased confidence among women to express their views in the workplace

  • Helping 5,000 women workers convert to permanent contracts

  • Improved access for women to new savings and credit schemes

  • Increased protection from sexual harassment, through raising workers’, supervisors’ and managers’ awareness and introducing new policies on farms

  • A 12-25% pay rise benefiting workers in more than 30 workplaces

  • Payment for overtime and reduction of forced overtime

  • Improved access to protective equipment and medical care

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