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Meet the team

Women Working Worldwide has a small but experienced team of staff and associates with expertise in project management, organisational development, women’s enterprise, finance management, women’s rights, sustainability and communications. Knowledge of working in UK, Africa, China, India and Eastern Europe and experience of cooperatives, NGOs, governments and community groups, add to our portfolio.


We have a number of volunteers on placement with us at any one time. We can also call on a range of experts who have a working association with Women Working Worldwide.

Staff and volunteers


Since joining WWW she has led on the management of living wage projects in East African flower farms, as well as gender reviews of major companies in both garments and agriculture, and research on gender tool kits. She is currently engaged in developing bespoke support programmes for companies interested in addressing gender, as well growing partnerships to strengthening the links between gender and sustainable development.


Over the years, she has worked with and for national and local governments, businesses, social enterprises, statutory bodies and NGOs, so has an understanding and respect for the different perspectives, challenges and opportunities that these sectors face. She believes that collaboration is the way forward to achieve equality and lasting change.

Caroline Downey

Executive Director

Caroline joined Women Working Worldwide in July 2016. She is a passionate believer in women's rights and believes that women's empowerment is critical in achieving a sustainable world. She has worked in international development, sustainability and participatory learning projects in Africa, China, India, Eastern Europe and the UK.  

Emma Willder

Beyond Profit Finance

Emma Willder, FCMA CGMA, CIS (Affiliated), supports Women Working Worldwide with our finance management. She is the director of Beyond Profit Ltd.

Ellie Holly

Student Volunteer

I am really pleased to be able to volunteer for Women Working Worldwide before undertaking a degree in policy and international development which I will be starting in Sept 2019. I am particularly interested in working for an organisation that supports individuals and small community groups in knowing and asserting their rights as I feel this can provide real life change.

I am currently working to redevelop educational resources for schools interested in our work, building on my previous part time experience of working with children. I hope to continue to work with Women Working Worldwide alongside my degree to continue to support their work and complement my studies.


Volunteering for an organisation such as Women Working Worldwide, which has women's rights as its raison d'etre, is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in this field, and I am proud to be contributing to Women Working Worldwide's work and impressive achievements.


My Master’s thesis was an investigation of the relationship between women's sanitation-related suffering, including sanitation-related violence against women, and social norms of cleanliness. Issues surrounding gender and sanitation and issues of violence against women comprise my main areas of concern, and I hope to make a meaningful impact in these areas throughout the course of my career. I am delighted that after successful completion of my Master’s I have been accepted to do my PhD on this issue at the University of Manchester.

Isis Barie Guyot

Student Volunteer

After graduating from my BA (Hons) in Environmental Studies and Human Geography I continued my education with an MSc in International Development: Poverty and Inequality (Distinction) from the University of Manchester. As I am extremely passionate about women's rights and gender equality, I am now pursuing a career in the field of gender and development.


I am therefore extremely excited about the opportunity to volunteer with Women Working Worldwide to learn more about the ways in which their partnerships with grassroots organisations empower women throughout the world. I am very passionate about human and animal rights, mental health and community-driven initiatives towards empowerment.


My dissertation on psychological empowerment through self-representation of people in Kibera, Nairobi (Distinction) demonstrates my aim to work in the field of mental health and development and to have a positive impact on the lives of women and men around the world.

Eva Berwing

Student Volunteer

Having pursued a BA in cultural studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, with a semester spent studying International Relations at the University of Salford, I just recently finished my MSc in International Development: Poverty and Inequality at the University of Manchester. As part of my degree, I have gained some insights into the work of community organisations in Uganda and South Africa.

Could you be our next student volunteer?

If you are thinking you might like to take up a student placement with Women Working Worldwide or you would like to volunteer with us, we are always looking for people with the interest and skills in: media, fundraising, labour rights, international development, gender and general office admin. We can't offer payment but we do offer unlimited teas and coffee, biscuits, a supportive placement and engagement in a worthwhile cause.

Interested? Then send us an email saying who you are and why you'd like to volunteer to contact@women-ww.org or ring 0161 834 3716!

Management Committee

Current Management Committee members are:


Abbie Huff

Abbie is a development professional, with technical expertise in civil society & governance, and women's and girls’ empowerment. She has over five years’ experience of working in the civil society sector (four of which based in Sub-Saharan Africa). Based in Senegal, Abbie is currently working for the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) as a Deputy Regional Coordinator on a collaborative security programme in the Sahel-Maghreb. She was previously an adviser on women’s empowerment at the British Council.


Hannah Lerigo, Vice Chair

Hannah is an ethical trade and human rights professional, with 5 years experience in sustainability within the UK retail industry. She has expertise in modern slavery campaigning, ethical policy and responsible supply chains, and currently works as Ethical Trade Officer at Co-op Food.


Marion Sharples, Treasurer

Marion Sharples is a feminist activist and gender equality professional. She currently works at the Women's Budget Group, managing their Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy. She previously worked in policy and advocacy at the Gender & Development Network and is a member of the gender and trade working group of Women in Development Europe+ (WIDE+). She has worked in Colombia and Belgium and holds an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from the London School of Economics.


Dr Linda Shaw, Chair

Linda has been involved with Women Working Worldwide since 1989 and is a researcher and educator. She has worked on gender and development issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America as a trainer, researcher and project manager. Linda  has a range of publications from academic articles to worker training manuals on gender and most recently on co-operatives and is currently an associate trainer for the ETI.


Clare Wiley

Clare Wiley is a freelance journalist and editor covering social affairs. She currently writes for a wide range of publications, including The Guardian, The Big Issue and Vice, investigating issues such as sustainability and the environment, human rights and technology, examining the roles of women and feminism in these areas.

WWW has a Management Committee of six Trustees, all of whom are also Directors of the company, and they have overall responsibility for the organisation. The Committee has wide-ranging experience in Africa, Latin America, Asia – as researchers, activists, trainers, advisors, working in garment, horticulture and flower supply chains, and as advisers to UK/European companies.