Meet the team

Women Working Worldwide has a small but experienced team of staff and associates with expertise in project management, organisational development, women’s enterprise, finance management, women’s rights, sustainability and communications. Knowledge of working in UK, Africa, China, India and Eastern Europe and experience of cooperatives, NGOs, governments and community groups, add to our portfolio.


We have a number of volunteers on placement with us at any one time, please see below if you are interested. We can also call on a range of experts who have a working association with Women Working Worldwide.

Staff and volunteers


Over the years, she has worked with and for national and local governments, businesses, social enterprises, statutory bodies and NGOs, so has an understanding and respect for the different perspectives, challenges and opportunities that these sectors face. She believes that collaboration and equity are the ways to achieve equality and lasting change.


Caroline Downey

Executive Director

Caroline joined Women Working Worldwide in July 2016. She is a passionate believer in women's rights and believes that gender equality is critical in achieving a sustainable world. She has worked in international development, ethical trade, sustainability and participatory learning in Africa, China, India, Eastern Europe and the UK.  

Ayushi Shah

Student Volunteer


I joined WWW in November 2021. I am pursuing a Masters in International Development from the University of Manchester. Originally from India, I have has worked with organizations across the spaces of menstrual hygiene management, gender equality, education, capacity building for the youth and marginalized communities, to name a few.


In my free time, you can catch me trying out a new food joint, watching the same old romcoms, or nerding it out over Harry Potter!



Grace Doyle

Student Volunteer

I joined Women Working Worldwide as a volunteer in December 2021. I’m currently a Research Assistant at Fashion Revolution where I am involved in the development of the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index. In June, I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in International Relations. In particular, I focussed my dissertation on the gendered nature of codes of conduct within the garment industry from a social and environmental perspective. I am passionate about the gender-environment nexus in the global apparel supply chain, intersectional feminism, and promoting a fairer fashion industry for all. I’m really pleased to be volunteering with and supporting WWW as they inspired my interest in women’s rights in the supply chain




Alina Alpine

Alisa Smitnova

Alison Li Tianyu

Eva Berwing

Evie Gilbert

Hala Elamin

Hanna Peruala







Isis Barei-Guyot

Katalin Szalai

Kate Davidson

Naima Shah

Nina Roberts

Sally Kenyon

Salma Ahmed

Thank you to all our past volunteers




Emma Willder

Beyond Profit Finance

Emma Willder, FCMA CGMA, CIS (Affiliated), supports Women Working Worldwide with our finance management. She is the director of Beyond Profit Ltd.

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Kaamilah Munshi

Student Volunteer


I am a masters student at the University of Sussex, studying Poverty and Development. My previous experience is in private sector finance and I am a qualified accountant. I am now transitioning to the development sector, and look forward to working with an organisation that strives to empower women in labour markets. 

I am particularly interested in exploring the role of men in facilitating women’s empowerment, and what participatory methods can be used to understand what women’s empowerment looks like in different cultures, rather than imposing universalist ideas. As well as exploring these topics with Women Working Worldwide, I am also keen to learn more about how the charity sector operates in practice."


Ellie Holly

Student Volunteer

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I am really pleased to be able to volunteer for Women Working Worldwide while studying for my undergraduate degree in International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response at the University of Manchester. I am particularly interested in working for an organisation that supports individuals and small community groups in knowing and asserting their rights as I feel this can provide real life change.


I am interested in women’s rights in the global supply chain and how this intersects with poverty and conflict. Volunteering for Women Working Worldwide has given me the opportunity to explore these issues while gaining a deeper appreciation for the work done by small charities. I look forward to continuing my work with Women Working Worldwide.

Hanna Peruala

Student Volunteer


I joined Women Working Worldwide as a student volunteer in March 2020. I am currently undertaking my master's degree in Political Economy at the University of Manchester. My studies focus on political economy of development, and my master's thesis will investigate the effectiveness of women's labour activism and autonomous organising in the Global South. 


I am excited for the opportunity to volunteer for WWW, because I would like to gain experience in working for a organisation that works closely with the areas I am interested in; international development and gender equality. Furthermore, I am keen to learn more about the different activities and tasks that are undertaken in the third sector, such as event organising and fundraising.

Could you be our next student or volunteer?

If you are thinking you might like to take up a short or long student volunteer placement with Women Working Worldwide or you would like to just volunteer with us, we are always looking for people with the interest and skills in a range of areas such as: gender, media, fundraising, labour rights, international development and general office admin.


At the moment our volunteering opportunities are managed remotely. We can't offer payment or an office environment but we do offer regular 121 phone meetings and monthly zoom catch ups and engagement in a worthwhile cause. When we are back in the office we will also offer unlimited teas, coffee and biscuits!

Interested? Then email us with an A4  letter saying who you are and why you'd like to volunteer with us,  attach your CV, and send to, with VOLUNTEER in the subject heading. Thank you!

Board/Management Committee

WWW has a Board/Management Committee of ten Trustees, all of whom are also Directors of the company, and they have overall responsibility for the organisation. The Board has wide-ranging experience in Africa, Latin America, Asia – as researchers, activists, trainers, advisors, working in garment, horticulture and flower supply chains, as well as sustainability, international development and advisers to UK/European companies.

Current Board members are:

Nkechi Deborah Adeboye



Nkechi is a student concluding her studies of a degree of Business Management and Economics. Through her role with Women Working Wide she hopes to merge what she’s learnt from experiences - academic and otherwise. She is passionate about female and economic empowerment in all its forms. Previous experiences include her roles as an Agent of Change with Irise International and BME representative of her university’s Feminist Society.

Nkechi photo.jpg

Abbie Huff-Camara

Abbie is a development professional, with technical expertise in civil society & governance, and women's and girls’ empowerment. She has over 10 years’ experience of working in the civil society sector (seven of which based in Sub-Saharan Africa) as a project manager, coordinator and adviser. Based in Manchester, UK, Abbie is an international development consultant, as well as a yoga and meditation teacher supporting others in their healing and wellbeing. She most recently worked for the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) as a Deputy Regional Coordinator on a collaborative security programme in the Sahel-Maghreb.


Francesca Rhodes






Francesca Rhodes is a women's rights policy and advocacy specialist with over eight years experience in the international development sector.  Francesca is particularly interested in feminist leadership and her experience includes policy analysis and development, campaign and advocacy planning, facilitation and programme development. Francesca is currently working for CARE International UK focusing on women's rights and climate change, and has previously held positions at Oxfam, FIGO and the Gender and Development Network. 

Francesca photo.jpg

Tasneem Azad






Tasneem is a professional economist and managing director in a global financial services firm.  Based in the City of London, she has been active in leading women’s networks and supporting the career development of female professionals.  Prior to working in the City, Tasneem worked for the UK Government Economic Service including within the DTI, the OFT and Cabinet Office, and as a national expert for the EC, focussed on market and regulatory matters.

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LS head shot (1).jpg

Dr Linda Shaw





Linda has been involved with Women Working Worldwide since 1989 and is a researcher and educator. She has worked on gender and development issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America as a trainer, researcher and project manager. Linda  has a range of publications from academic articles to worker training manuals on gender and most recently on co-operatives and is currently an associate trainer for the ETI.

Clare Wiley (1).jpg

Clare Wiley






Clare Wiley is a freelance journalist and editor covering social affairs. She currently writes for a wide range of publications, including The Guardian, The Big Issue and Vice, investigating issues such as sustainability and the environment, human rights and technology, examining the roles of women and feminism in these areas.